You Just Haven’t DECIDED To Lose Weight Yet

The origin of the word decision means to cut off from. When you decide you cut off from any other possibility than the choice you have made. You burn your bridges so that you have no chance to go back on your word.

Most people have lost touch with the true meaning of the word “decide” and along with it, the power to make life changing decisions. They make loose statements of preference, or temporary choices, that merely reflect a lack of ownership over their future. What they’re really saying is “I’d really like this so long as I don’t have to work too hard for it”.

When somebody makes an absolute decision they do not even consider another option than the outcome they have chosen. I’m sure you will have met someone who gave up smoking one day simply because they decided to. They didn’t need patches, vapour cigarettes, hypnosis, chewing gum, a book, they simply decided. If they were around other smokers, or got offered a cigarette there was no hesitation, it was an immediate and firm “no” regardless of where they were or who they were with. Real decisions are backed up with congruent behaviour.

I know what you’re thinking, “smokers can give up smoking, but I can’t give up eating”. This is true. You still need to eat, and a sustainable fat loss diet should still include your favourite foods in moderation.

But what CAN you give up totally and completely?

You can give up bullshitting yourself!

If you are 100% honest with yourself you will always know the difference between an appropriate amount of your favourite food in moderation, and when you are lying to yourself.

Once you have made that commitment to hold yourself to a higher standard no matter what, then will you still face what others might consider “temptations”? Of course! You will be offered food, or be around food and you might get a brief flash of an image in your mind of yourself eating the food, for no other reason than that was part of the old habit.

In the past you would have indulged in that image in your mind, thinking “ooh what if I just had a taste?!” You would have tortured yourself with wishing “if only” and given yourself permission to consider alternative choices. This is a symptom that someone has not actually decided.

When you have truly decided that overindulging is an absolute violation of your values, your identity, and the life you are completely committed to, you do not even CONSIDER any option other than being true to yourself and your decision. When those brief moments occur when one of those old images flashes in your mind, you immediately dismiss it out of hand as a complete non-option. THAT is what it means to make a genuine decision.