Why Am I So Fat?

  • Why am I so fat?
  • Why can’t I do this?
  • Why is this so hard?

These questions will keep you stuck for the following reasons:

1: asking “why” doesn’t guarantee you’ll discover “how” to get what you want. There are millions of people who know “why” they have problems, and still have problems.

2: these questions have presuppositions – things you have to accept or assume to be true in order to be able to answer the question. These examples présuppose you are fat, can’t do it, and it’s hard. You are hypnotising yourself to stay stuck.

3: these questions are stuck on problems, not solutions.

Instead ask useful and empowering questions and remember to ask with certainty, expectation of an answer, and to ask relentlessly until you find the answer. Use questions such as:

  • What have I learnt from this that is useful?
  • How am I stronger because of this, or how can I use this as an investment in my future, or how will this help me to contribute?
  • What is not perfect yet?
  • Who can I find to help me?
  • Who has achieved what I want to achieve?
  • Who can I use as a role model?
  • What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
  • What am I willing to no longer do to make it the way I want it?
  • How can I succeed and enjoy the process?
  • What is the next distinction I need to make before I succeed?