Why 95% Of Diets Fail

It’s a statistic that’s thrown around a lot. We can debate about the accuracy but let’s face it, when we look at things with a 5 to 10 year frame of reference, most people don’t keep the weight off.


The same reasons why people don’t make massive changes in any area of life!

Many people aspire to bigger, better, happier, more successful lives. Very few achieve it, whether we’re talking about achieving financial freedom, turning around a struggling relationship and making it amazing again, or overcoming emotional problems.

It’s not that these things can’t be done. Of course they can. There are plenty of examples of people with very normal, ordinary backgrounds, with no unfair advantages, who have achieved phenomenal success, and overcome great struggles.

But doing these things requires massive personal growth. It requires confidence, passion, tenacity, resilience, determination, self belief, clarity of focus, alignment of values, and all manner of attributes, skills and qualities. All of which are developed and nurtured. You don’t just wake up with them!

It also requires massive action, hard work, and the willingness to get uncomfortable – not just physically uncomfortable – but mentally too.

Have you ever been unhappy with a particular area of your life, but not unhappy enough to do something about it? Or at least not unhappy enough to do anything beyond a quick fix or a short cut? That’s what I’m talking about. Most people would prefer to bumble their way through life, trying quick fixes, or pretending to themselves that things will get better “someday” and never doing anything about it with total commitment.

So this has nothing to do with capability. EVERYONE can lose weight. EVERYONE can make more money. EVERYONE can have better relationships. But not everyone is willing to work on themselves.

So quit complaining. If you complain to others you just bore them. Or at best you’ll find someone who wants to complain about the same stuff and you can reinforce each other’s misery and limiting beliefs. If you complain silently to yourself you just make yourself miserable. So either choose to be grateful, and genuinely and sincerely happy, or choose to invest whatever it takes – not just money, but time, effort, and discomfort – to get the results you want. Not just when it’s convenient, anyone can do that, but WHEN it’s inconvenient.