The Real Reasons You Have Hit A Fat Loss Plateau


Some experts say that Weight Loss should be easy. We all get taught “just eat less and move more”. If this were to really be the case then why the hell are we in an obesity epidemic, have more disordered eating than ever before and we are a sad, unhappy nation.

As far back as I can remember in school, university, starting my career as a physiotherapist and the journey to where I am today running two health and fitness companies, I hear stories of women who are lost, confused and frustrated. Completely let down by the diet and fitness industry and left in a place of despair, desperation and a pit of low self esteem. Food is a source of pain and comfort.

Having now worked with 1000’s of women over the many years, there have been common behavioural patterns and traits that have been identified as to WHY women struggled to succeed in long term fat loss or a body transformation. None of which have anything to do with food or dieting.

Social media has bred a population addicted to instant gratification, self entitlement and lack of ownership – the disease of the 21 century. However, on the flip side, we also have the evolution of the “hustler”, the successful, driven woman who can do it all!

In both of these categories the prevalence of women that secretly struggle with food, control and the feeling of not being good enough – is OUT OF CONTROL!

Today we have a weight loss problem that is far greater than just solving it with “Eat Less, Move More”

At Chase Life we work with busy, driven and successful women. Our marketing repels those who refuse to take ownership or those that seek instant gratification. We work with the do-ers, the action takers, the women who raise standards and value personal growth.

They are also the women who technically have “all their shit together” on the outside but on the inside, they have hidden secrets. They punish themselves or reward themselves with food.

Food often controls them, starting a diet on Monday’s, they see foods as “good or bad”, they fall off the wagon and get back on….

Maybe you are now just frustrated and stuck. You have tried a 1000 diets, you have spent literally 1000’s of dollars seeing “experts” yet you still cannot lose weight.

For long term weight loss, we must look at the bigger picture.

Those women that are successful long term in weight loss do not just learn about calories, they learn about themselves.

Weight loss begins when you are able to manage your emotions, be kinder and have more respect for yourself. You are worth it, you just forgot because of all the nasty things you say to yourself.

Easy to say but how do you actually DO that?

If you are still reading this it is because you know you deep down that deserve more and you are now prepared to do the hard yards and work for it.

You think a diet is the solution, it is not. You must be looking at the rest of your life first, unfortunately this is hard and it cannot be measured using rules or calories which is why most women don’t go there!

You have to WORK and THINK. Too hard for most. Too much commitment and too must “hassle”. Most prefer to “sit and wait” for things to change. Unlucky my friend, you will be waiting a while.

So here it is. Just scratching the surface here – some of the REAL REASONS that you have hit a fat loss plateau, you are stuck in a career you hate or in a relationship that is no longer serving you.

Skim Read Version, The Key Take Away Points: 

  • YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: You know what you want to get away from, but you don’t have a clearly defined, exciting target to move towards. This is why you are stuck in a pit and cant get out.
  • YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT: Beliefs are the driving force between all of your actions. If you don’t truly believe you can succeed then you’ll sabotage yourself.
  • YOU DONT HAVE A PURPOSE: Who are you? What do you stand for? Where are you going in life? Without a purpose you create stress and coping mechanisms e.g. binge eating
  • YOU’RE DISORGANISED: time management of both your physical goals and the rest of your life is critical to building the body or life you want. The problem is you overanalyse, you second guess yourself and fail to execute or complete tasks.
  • YOU RELY ON EXTERNAL STATE MANAGEMENT: Success in any goal is dependent on your ability to create resourceful and empowering states that support your goal, independently of what is happening around you, without the use of food, drugs, alcohol or excessive exercise. “My boss makes me angry” No he doesn’t. You do that to yourself and can choose to feel differently.
  • YOUR LIFE IS OUT OF BALANCE:Neglecting any area of your life, ultimately detracts from the quality and results you get in the other areas of your life.


Want to know more? Read on!

  • You Don’t Know What You Want!

If I said to you “Don’t think about a black cat!”

What are you thinking about?!

A black cat!

So how do you stop thinking about a black cat?!

Some people reply “think about a white cat” “think about a purple unicorn”, both of those work but the correct answer is – you think of ANYTHING else!

You get what you focus on in life and when are dealing with making big changes – you must know what you want.

At this stage you probably know what you DON’T want. Maybe you don’t want your tummy to hang over your belt any more or your shirt to feel so tight. Maybe you don’t want to feel so self conscious or insecure. But the chances are you don’t know what you DO want instead.

When people have a problem they tend to focus on the problem and try to escape it. They are constantly thinking about their black cat!

But they fail to set a clearly defined, exciting, and motivating target to work towards. There is a big difference between what you want to ADD and have more of in your life, and what you want to remove and have less of in your life.

Not only do you need to have a clearly defined, exciting goal, but you also need to know where that goal fits in the big picture context of your life.

You need to have a big, all encompassing vision for your life that includes the things that matter to you the most, such as health, wealth and love, and you need to be able to see how your physical goal fits into, and contributes to that big picture is in fact synergistic with your other life goals.

  • You Don’t Believe You Can!

Beliefs are the prearranged, organised filters to our perceptions of the world. Beliefs are like commanders of the brain. When we congruently believe something is true it is like delivering a command to our brain as to how to represent what is occurring.

Handled effectively, beliefs can be the most powerful forces for creating good in your life. They are the compass and maps that guide us towards our goals and give us the certainty that we’ll get there. They help you see what you want and energise you to go out and get it.

On the other hand beliefs that limit your actions and thoughts can be as devastating as resourceful beliefs can be empowering.

If you don’t believe to your very core that you will succeed, then at some point you’ll ask yourself “what’s the point?!” and if you don’t have an immediate and powerful response to that questions you’ll sabotage your progress.

  • You Don’t Have A Purpose!

What is your reason for being on this planet? Why are you here? What is your biggest overriding passion that you get so excited about and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Your purpose gives you meaning, value and creates a life of passion, direction and energy. Having a purpose is a pre-requisite to being happy. So ask yourself –

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • Where are you going in life?

Most people get so caught up in the day to day of life, paying the bills, and surviving that they lose track of who they are and what their true purpose is.

Without purpose people often create stressful lives, or slip into destructive states such as depression, anxiety or low self esteem because they lack direction. This frequently leads to coping mechanisms for escaping that stress such as taking on or creating excessive work loads, or emotional eating.

  • You’re Disorganised!

Successful weight loss depends on effective time management and organisation. Firstly your physical goals have many activities that need to be scheduled on a consistent daily or weekly basis including:

Food shopping

Food prep

Eating your meals


Secondly, if the rest of your life is disorganised and disjointed, this creates stress, inhibits your ability to handle additional responsibilities or tasks and will inevitably affect your physical goals in some way. This may be directly in terms of stealing time from the above tasks, or indirectly, via the physiological effects of stress on health and body composition, or the effect of stress on behaviour.

  • You Rely On External State Management!

There are enabling states such as confidence, love, inner strength, joy, and calmness that empower us.

There are destructive states such as confusion, depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration and boredom that either paralyse us or contribute to poor decisions.

Most people do not even know that they get to choose their emotional state, and if they did or were able to choose their state, they do not know how to do it effectively or reliably.

We get into the habit of blaming everything and everyone about how we feel.

“My boss makes me angry”

“My job makes me stressed”

“My husband is driving me mad”

“The weather is so depressing”

People rely on external methods to change how we feel. We use TV as a distraction, food as comfort or to numb ourselves, wine to feel relaxed or all sorts of other vehicles such as caffeine, cigarettes, over exercise and even drugs.

The only way this is ever going to change is when we condition ourselves to change those destructive states and, crucially, create empowering states instead, in new, life-enhancing ways that are at least as rapid, effective and reliable as the old strategy was.

  • Your Life Is Out Of Balance!

As mentioned above you will have multiple goals in life. You will have career and financial goals, relationship goals, physical and health goals, recreational goals, and perhaps other goals you’d like to add to the list.

Every one of these areas of your life need regular investments of time and effort, simply to maintain them, let alone achieve progress.

The appropriate balance between these areas will differ from person to person, however, neglecting any one of these will ultimately lead to a fire-fighting scenario – typical for most women seeking fat loss!

One aspect of your life becomes so bad that you focus on it to the exclusion or detriment of everything else. You see this commonly with people who devote 100% of their energy and focus to their work and their career, and as a consequence their health and relationships suffer.

It is important that you schedule activities for the growth or at least maintenance of each key area of your life. It is not enough to plan it, you have to schedule each one into your diary. “I have no time” really means “It is not a priority”

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