The Goal Setting Security Blanket

Goal setting is awesome! It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, and it gives you that feeling that you’re finally taking control of your destiny…

… and that’s where progress stops!

Writing down where you want to live, the big house you want to buy, the holidays you want to go on feels great. As you write down your goals you can vividly imagine what your life will be like “one day”…

… and that feeling right there makes you feel comfortable, makes you feel like you’ve made progress, and gives you just enough comfort to feel settled and like your life is back on track. You don’t feel any emotional pressure to take any further action.

6 or 12 months go by, nothing changes, you feel dissatisfied, and so you repeat the process. You’re using goal setting as a security blanket to periodically comfort yourself, not to actually change your life!

Goal setting on it’s own is useless. The law of attraction doesn’t work by setting goals, and then sitting on your couch and meditating your dreams into existence! You have to make shit happen!

Break down your goals into actionable steps and schedule those steps into your diary. If you want to buy a big house, look up the house prices, look up the mortgage you’d need to buy it, and find out the financial position you’d need to be in before the bank will lend you the money.

Then set yourself a time frame in which to get yourself into that financial position.
Then figure out what your salary / income / net profit needs to be each year to hit your goal.
Then figure out what you need to do with your job, career, finances, expenditure, budget, etc to hit this income.
Then check in every month to make sure you’re on track, and if not, what you need to do to get on track.

You may not know the answer to some of these questions. It may take you some time to figure them out. But now you know the next step to achieving your goals. Figure out the answer to the next question! And keep asking and searching relentlessly until you find an answer.

Goal setting is a tiny piece of the puzzle. The next time you get excited after goal setting, make sure that at the very least, you have the next step scheduled into your diary.