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We’ll review your answers over

the next 48 hours

If we believe that we can help, we’ll
send you an email to book a
45-60 minute slot with Rachel or David.

Please ensure that you are in a place where you can speak openly, you will be uninterrupted and you are not multi-tasking.

Then - we’ll hop on the call at the agreed time.


Look forward to chatting!

R&D x


Q: If successful, is there anything that you need me to prepare ahead of the call?

A: Nope - just make sure you are not multitasking and you can speak openly without interruption.

Q: Can I invite my business partner to participate in the call?

We would prefer to speak with only you. Prior to the call it is advisable that you discuss your concerns with your partner and tell them that you are reaching out for help. This will help them understand your problems and be supporting in you taking action to resolve the issues.

Q: Will the call be on phone or Skype?

Either. We will confirm via email.

Q: I’d like to scrap the call and jump to discussing working with you, what shall I do?

Drop Rachel an email labelled ‘URGENT’ at


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