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Think Thin -The Mindset of Weight Loss Seminar

LIVE Event!

Friday 11th November - Dubai - VERY Limited Places

Dear friend,

You asked, it is here, time to take action!

A seminar to help you finally understand weight loss and take sensible action steps towards a healthier lifestyle, confidence, happiness and a passion for life!

International Fat Loss Specialist and Health Consultant Rachel Guy has worked with thousands of women all over the world to build their dream body and live a happy, healthy life. David Godfrey has a 15 year career in mindset and performance working with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, obesity and weight loss.

Between Rachel and David, you are in experienced and professional hands with NO STONE left unturned to help you create your best body and healthy happy mindset!

It’s time to get in the mix and meet Rachel and David LIVE IN DUBAI in this event, where they open-the-lid on everything  about the psychology of dieting, mindset and successful weight loss!

If you want to attend this highly exclusive event then read this page very carefully and grab your place!

Have you struggled to lose weight or transform your body shape?

  • Does it ever feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back?
  • Do you find that you can't stick to any diet, or transformation programme long term?
  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Do you suffer with binge eating or emotional eating?
  • Are you stuck or plateauing and don't know why?
  • Does your stressful, even overwhelming life/work/career get in the way of what you really want?
  • Do you struggle with anxiety or guilt around food?

If you have answered YES to any above questions, this seminar is for YOU!

Successful and lasting body transformations necessitate 3 key ingredients:

  1. A nutrition plan that is sensible, and easy to follow, supports your nutritional requirements, and allows the flexibility to include your favourite foods, whilst still transforming your body.
  2. An exercise program that you enjoy, that supports your goals, and that is sustainable for YOU.
  3.  A mindset that is conducive to consistency, happiness, and success. This is the cornerstone of your results. How you think, and feel, and how you run and organise your mind ultimately dictates how successful you will be in any of your goals, particularly how your body looks, feels, and performs.

This seminar will coach and guide you in depth on how to transform your body forever. This is truly a unique program that combines the most successful, industry leading techniques for transforming your mind as well as your body.

What You'll Learn On The Day

  • The Psychology of Nutrition -  How to build a diet that is easy to follow, supports your goals, supports your health, and incorporates your favourite foods. It will also get you away from old dieting mistakes that lead to anxiety around food, binge eating, and guilt.
  • Motivation - How to install rock solid motivation that lasts through any obstacle or setback.
  • How stress inhibits fat loss and how to resolve it.
  • How to break through plateaus.
  • How to heal the physiological and psychological damage caused by diets.
  • How to overcome self sabotage.
  • How to build a life and lifestyle that makes you genuinely happy and supports your body goals instead of inhibiting them.
  • How to overcome binge eating and emotional eating.
  • How to overwrite bad habits and install new ones that automatically keep you on track.
  • How to speak the "language" of your subconscious mind and get it to do what you want.

How You Can Secure Your Place

Click the link below to secure your place.

Location - Dubai, Venue TBC

Day Event -  $197 Early Bird price available until 31st Oct (Save $100) - $297 after

There are only 15 places available so you MUST be quick.


* Early Bird Discount Available Until Sat 31st Oct *


Still not sure? Check out what previous ladies have to say!

"An amazing, honest, open seminar where you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter who and what your story is. Learning transferable Techniques to every aspect of life problems"

"Chase Life is an absolute must for anyone who is feeling a lack of direction in life, issues with food and a lack of passion! Never hold off from learning and improving. There will never be a perfect time to start."

"Its a great day and very informative. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to change mindset and looking for a more positive out look on life"

"Really informative about problems of behaviour and practical techniques to make changes"

"Inspirational session, make me really have to explore my mindset and stop using negative language & Attitude"

"I am so grateful for coming across the Athletic Fox Blueprint and being introduced to the Chase Life Program. It has literally changed my life. My mind and View of life, eating and exercising have completely changed"

"Thanks so much for the amazing work that you do. You inspire me every day"

"If you want to have a clear cut approach to Training / Nutrition And life then get away from the other bullshit in fitness / Lifestyle " health " mags, do this , you wont regret it"

"A great opportunity to get together with like minded people to train, learn and laugh.
- thank you"

"I have loved today, I'm going away shattered and with the tools to change my life for the positive - and it was lovely to meet both Rachel and David"

"Today's session was fantastic on so many levels. Challenging my " beliefs ". Learning techniques to manage my state and meeting awesome new friends - Thank you !"

"Motivational, inspiring and gives you the simplest methods to create phenomenal change.  - Love you guys ! Thanks again for everything XX"

"Do it ! its rare that we get to spend quality time really thinking about what we want and need.
- Thank you"

"Thank you for your amazing words about food and living in moderation
You have really helped my thoughts towards my eating disorder, especially through the strategies David implemented throughout."

"Loved it, is there a sequel?"

"Had an amazing day and experience . Thank you for your time and hard work"

"Yet again another insightful and direct approach to talking charge of your health and well being and happiness from Rachel and David . Thank you for keeping things real and being so honest"

"This Seminar was very interesting as its for novice right through to advanced. Full of useful tips to even use in day to day living. David's session was very engaging with a lot of useful info without blowing your mind"

"I would 100 % recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking to make significant change! Mindset is everything and Rachel & David are amazing! Thank you so much"

"Thank you - Genuinely. I will be recommending this to women (and men when available ) up my end of the world."

"Rachel already gave me so much - walk now every day to work ( 8500 steps Aprx ) she has been so inspiring and so kind to me as I have lost my confidence. But now I have a goal. David also has shown me the way as i have been bullied all my life . I hope i have the strength now
- Thank you both for showing me the way and for guiding me out of the heavy burden"

* Early Bird Discount Available Until Sat 31st Oct *


See you there,

Rachel & David 

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