The Real Reasons Your Diet Killed Your Confidence

  • Struggling to lose weight long term?
  • Yo-yo dieting back and forth?
  • Tried everything from fad diets to scientifically counting calories and macros?
  • Struggling with low self esteem and poor body image?

It is shocking how many people suffer with these issues, and how many people are about to exacerbate these issues this January.

There are lots of different ways this can happen, but the starting point is frequently bad dietary practices. Here is just one example of how this can spiral into low self esteem

  1. You tried to lose weight on a low-calorie diet.
  2. You lost weight but hammered your metabolism in the process, and ended up putting the weight back on with interest.
  3. Then you tried low fat diets, but this resulted in hormone dysfunction since fat is essential for hormonal health, and after a brief period of weight loss you rebounded again.
  4. You tried low carb diets, but soon hit a plateau, suffered horrendous cravings for carbs and sugar, and kept “breaking your diet”.
  5. Now in addition to wondering “why is this so hard?” and “why can’t I do it?” you are also questioning your willpower since you kept breaking your last diet.
  6. Then maybe you stumble across a really sensible diet but get barely any results for several weeks and give up. What you didn’t realise is that it will take a while to repair the damage caused by all the unhealthy and extreme dieting, and that after a period of recovering your internal health, your body would have started dropping fat effectively, if only you had remained patient and consistent.

From your perspective all the evidence points to the fact (belief) that you can’t do it and you’re just meant to be overweight. In actuality you have simply tried one flawed approach after another, and now have accumulated a wealth of reference experiences that you have labelled as failure, and that get stored unconsciously as evidence that “I can’t do it”.

The process often goes further and gets worse:

1. Part of you starts to ask the question “what if I’m just meant to be overweight?”
2. You desperately hope this isn’t the case…..
3. But you’re terrified it might be true…..
4. If you threw yourself into a fat loss program, tried your hardest to make it work, but “failed”, that would “prove” your fears to be true.
5. So to protect yourself from “proving you can’t do it” you sabotage yourself, hold something back, and don’t commit 100%. At least that way you can fall back on “I didn’t give it my all. Next time I’ll give it everything.”
6. Of course, you never really do “give it everything” because what if you failed?!
7. Eventually your interpretation of events goes from “that didn’t work” to “this is hard” to “I can’t do it” to “I’m not good enough”.
As illogical as this pattern sounds, it is extremely common, and often happens at the unconscious level, so you are often completely unaware of most, if not all of want’s going on.

If this pattern feels familiar, you can absolutely recover your health and transform your body for good.

Your struggles started with very poor dietary practises, but it is the effect this had on your beliefs that has held you back. The belief that you are doomed to a life of being overweight and miserable becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This will continue to be the case until you understand the truth.

You can absolutely lose body fat, achieve a healthy weight, and build a lean, fit, healthy body, and keep it for the rest of their life with the correct approach!

It’s basic physiology. But you must redefine what meanings you have attached to your past experiences, transform your limiting beliefs, and learn to build a new identity, and a new, compelling future.

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Author: David Godfrey