Diet Going Nowhere? START HERE!

You want to know what pitfalls you are doing EVERY DAY that are keeping you stuck? Watch the video below and if this resonates and you need help – reach out!

Seeking Professional Coaching to Overcome your Hidden Issues with Food?

You can apply for Chase Life with Rachel & David: Get the body transformation you want, and regain your confidence, pride, and peace of mind.

Chase Life has several programs avaliable, women’s only mindset and health coaching program designed to create life long body and life transformations. We work with successful women who have hidden struggles with food, control and the fear of not being good enough.

If you have struggled with issues including, but not restricted to:

Binge eating
Emotional eating
Self esteem / confidence

Or if you have struggled to get the body transformation you want and don’t know why, then the Chase Life programs will give you the tools and the environment you need to change yourself and your life.

Chase Life is a training program and results are dependent on how you apply yourself to the program. It is by application only and to qualify you must meet the following criteria:

– be completely committed to personal change
– be coachable – open to feedback and new ways of doing things
– be ready to face confronting challenges
– be ready to work hard on yourself and your personal growth
– be ready to make a significant financial and time investment in yourself