Why Am I So Fat?

Why am I so fat? Why can’t I do this? Why is this so hard? These questions will keep you stuck for the following reasons: 1: asking “why” doesn’t guarantee you’ll discover “how” to get what you want. There are millions of people who know “why” they have problems, and still have problems. 2: these…

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Stress and Fat Loss Part 3 of 5

Perfectionism is commonly an attempt to protect yourself from being judged. Unfortunately it significantly contributes to stress, and makes fat loss a lot harder. Here’s why.  

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Body Image and Fat Loss

“If I learn to love my body I won’t be motivated to change it.” This is one of the biggest fallacies in the fitness industry, the belief that you need to hate on yourself in order to change. In fact it will do the exact opposite. Here’s why. All of us are motivated by emotional…

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