# 6: Your Body Needs Time To Heal – 10 Reasons you Struggle to Lose Fat and Keep It Off!

If you have a prolonged history of dieting, you might need to manage your expectations as to how much body fat you will lose in the short to medium term.

Yo-yo dieting, and in particular, excessively low calorie diets can play havoc with your metabolism, disrupt the balance of hormones, and harm your health internally.
It can take a long time for somebody to heal themselves from the inside out, at a cellular and hormonal level before they start to drop body fat effectively again – and keep it off.

Often times people spend years dieting, then come across a healthy and sustainable approach, but are disappointed with the results they get. Nothing visibly happens for weeks and weeks.

If this applies to you, the priority in the short term is focus on establishing a healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle.
Your weight and body fat many not change dramatically in the short term, but rest assured your body is healing on the inside. In the mean time you should be starting to get more energy, your skin should improve and you should generally be feeling healthier.

Once you restore health, hormonal balance, and your metabolism increases and starts functioning normally again, then your body will suddenly start burning through all that fat as it is supposed to.

Do not expect to undo all the years of damage you have done through disordered eating, yo yo dieting and extreme exercise over the course of 4-6 weeks, or worse, a 3 day detox.
Changes in health will come from a sustainable nutrition and training plan but also significant changes in lifestyle and behaviour. If you expect to shoehorn yet another diet and exercise plan into an already chaotic lifestyle, you are already setting the game up to lose. Again.

So this time, take slow road. Like it or not, it is the only road to long term success!


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