#5: You’re A Perfectionist – 10 Reasons You Struggle to Lose Fat and Keep It Off

There are two key ways people get addicted to perfectionism.

1) The insecurity and a fear of being judged. “If I get everything absolutely perfect then nobody will be able to criticise!”

News Flash!

People will judge and criticise you anyway, but if you have the courage to be vulnerable – “to show up as you really are, not who you think you should be” and let your true authentic self be seen – you will also have people fall in love with you for being genuine and real.
And you will know people love you for you, not a fake, guarded, filtered version of you.

2) An excessive need for control. Some people have trained themselves to need certainty so strongly that they need to feel certain before they try anything. They need guarantees they will not put on weight if they change their diet, that they won’t be hurt in love, that their business idea will be a success.

You don’t get certainty on this side of the transaction! The only certainty you have with excessive control is stress and anxiety. Things are going to change anyway. And if you want new progress or new results in your fitness goals, your relationships, or your business goals, you WILL make mistakes and have failures.


Perfectionism feels comforting but it costs you so much more in the long term.

Perfectionism will:
• Keep you stuck in your fitness goals. You’ll see food as good and bad, days as good and bad, and even yourself as good and bad. Food will be stressful.
• You’ll get less done, spending hours getting one thing perfect.
• You’ll learn slower. Mistakes, problems and failures are tools that teach us how to improve. The longer you take to execute and complete, the longer it takes to get that feedback.
• Your relationships will suffer, because you’ll be a highly strung, stressed, anxious, obsessive pain in the ass!

Oh and by the way, I spent my teens and early 20’s doing perfectionism, holding up walls and being a workaholic. Almost addicted to work. I liked the solitude it gave me to shut the door of my office but I now know that’s because I am an introvert and value time alone. (more on this another time!) I know only too well what it’s like torturing myself that a piece of work isn’t good enough and how much time it took to get anything done.
The speed at which I decide and execute now is on another level. I am grateful to the business mentors and high performing friends I learnt from. You are after all, the sum of the people you spend the most time with.

Perfectionism is NOT the same as having High Standards. Perfectionism is the art of missing the big picture.

Focus on outcomes and getting things done, not perfect.

….and there are spelling and grammar mistakes in this post – big picture – not important! 😉

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