#3: You’re A Human Doing – 10 Reasons You Struggle to Lose Fat and Keep it Off.

Most people are human beings. They are worthy simply for being.

But not you……You are a “human doing”….

You’ve been conditioned into believing that if you’re not doing something you’re being lazy, wasting time, or not being productive.
You feel guilty every time you consider taking time out or time to yourself.
You might worry about what other’s think, but most of all it’s your own opinion of yourself that’s most debilitating.

How do I know? I spent my teens and early twenties struggling with self imposed stress, perfectionism and I was a workaholic. I was a human doing. I felt lazy if I wasn’t working and overachieving. I can TOTALLY relate to all of the above.

On those rare moments when you do take time to yourself you can’t enjoy your own company. Your thoughts take a negative spiral.
You distract yourself with “busy being busy”! Putting everyone else first is also a common pattern.

What does this have to do with fat loss?
Well what are the consequences of being a human doing?

● You take on excessive workloads, either taking on other people’s work, or just giving yourself work so that you can keep busy and feel productive / valuable / worthy. You end up busy being busy.
● This impairs your ability to live a happy life. Time, energy and focus is taken away from what could give your life meaning and purpose. The chances are you don’t feel like you have a sense of purpose.
● Your stress levels go through the roof. Stress makes you fat both physiologically and behaviourally. David and I have covered this extensively before on the Chase Life blog.
● You develop coping mechanisms to numb yourself or distract yourself from all the stress or all the negative thoughts. Usually this involves food and/or alcohol or excessive exercise.
● Because you’re fundamentally unhappy and unfulfilled, motivation for the gym or healthy nutrition is highly variable.

How to fix this?

It takes you to be brutally honest with yourself. You must commit to raising your standards and being prepared to do the uncomfortable and confronting work. This often involves a mentor. (Tip – I do not know a single successful person that does not have a mentor or coach)

This will entail developing new beliefs and a new relationship with yourself. Dedicating yourself to your own personal growth.

Developing clarity on what you want and why you want it, who you are as a person, what you stand for, what your values are, and what constitutes a life you love.

When you have all of this in place you can act and make decisions from a place of clarity and purpose.
This makes fat loss easier, your relationships better, increases your earning capacity and overall increases levels of fulfilment and happiness!

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