10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Fat – #1 You Count Calories

At Chase Life we work EXCLUSIVELY with busy successful professional women. (They may have children also.) Usually age 28-42 with 10-20lbs to lose.
Hello ladies – this post is for you (and the following 9 posts we make after this!)

Lets get into it!
The 10 Reasons You Struggle to Lose Fat – and Keep It Off!

#1 You Count Calories

Calories do matter. You need to know that fat has over twice the calories per gram of carbs or protein. You need to know that foods that are dense in sugar or fat will have a lot of calories. You also need an awareness of the composition of the foods you are eating.

However, It’s the PROCESS of counting calories that makes people mental!

1. Counting calories isn’t necessary to create dramatic and sustainable body transformations. In fact, in my opinion there are other methods that are more effective because they create the same results in a much more sustainable way. You need to be aware of your food intake but you can do that very easily with simple strategies and by eyeballing your food portions (no that doesn’t mean estimating calories in your head!).
2. Counting calories is excessively neurotic, and makes people perfectionists and over-analysers – both consistent traits with binge eaters and people with a disordered relationship with food.
3. Counting calories puts your mind into an excessively deprived and restricted mindset that your brain will rebel against at some point. That’s when you say “Screw it! Let’s eat everything!”
4. Counting calories ignores the natural metabolic fluctuations your body will go through – particularly women whose metabolism will vary with their menstrual cycle.
5. Counting calories is a massive hassle! Honestly I have better things to do with my time than weigh my food and input it into an app every meal time!

Counting calories can be a useful exercise for a short period of time as an educational tool. Its a good way to learn what is in your food.

There are indeed people who have achieved impressive body transformations using calorie counting. You’ll see their before and afters everywhere. But what happens after the after shot?

Do they maintain their transformation?

If so did they maintain it by continuing to count calories? I very much doubt it. Unfortunately most people have no idea how to maintain their body transformation in sustainable ways, which is why so many people rebound – they can’t be bothered to maintain the excessively neurotic approach they took to get the transformation in the first place.

Don’t just take my word for it, use your own experience…..
Have you tried calorie counting and failed to create the lasting body transformation you’re after?
Proponents will argue it’s not the method, it’s your mindset.
What if the method contributes to your mindset? Something to think about….

There is more to life than counting calories day in day out and this is at the top of the list for why you are struggling to get or maintain your transformation.

You know enough about what is in your food by now to ditch the calorie apps. You know this – but you are so desperate for the certainty to know you can make it a “good day” to feel good about yourself that you are afraid to detach. Despite the fact this is making you miserable and its not working for you.

Side note – the correlation in those that count calories and those that secretly binge eat is commonplace. Again, you are not the only one, but it is time you sought help…

Tomorrow – #2 Why you are addicted to exhaustive exercise….

Rachel & David xx



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